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Tips for Buying a Dog

Once you have decided on the ideal puppy for you and got a breeder who puts the welfare and health of the dogs first, it is time to plan how you will purchase your dog safely. This is a vital phase to ensure you are buying a happy, healthy dog that has been bred by an esteemed breeder, and it is crucial to recognize any indicators of a poorly-bred dog or red flags regarding the environment.

Speak to the breeder. Call your breeder first with queries. The breeder will also desire to get to know you, since they will want their dogs to go to a good home, hence, be ready to answer their queries too. You should ask about the pricing, process, and when you can pay them a visit.
You may need to ask queries like:

How old is the puppy and how old he’ll be when ready to get rehomed? The puppy should be eight weeks at a minimum.

The health, registration, and working status, and see proof of health screening exams of relevance to the species checks.

What food the pup has been eating?

Arrange a tour to meet the puppies and breeder. Pay attention to the setting the puppies are in – it ought to be clean, dry, suitable, quiet, and warm. It should be a big enough area, with effortless access to fresh water. Ensure the house offers the feel of a home and not a space rented for the sake of showing you and other prospective purchasers around. Unscrupulous puppy farmers and breeders might rent a house to trade dogs from, thus, in case you feel as if something is not right, avoid the breeder and report him to the authorities.

Assess the dogs. Ensure the dogs appear active, healthy and don’t have any signs of sickness. The dogs should have clear eyes without discharge or redness, a clear nose without discharge, and clear breathing with no coughing or wheezing. They should have clear ears without redness or evident discharge or wax, a healthy-looking coat without sores or scrubs, glossy and soft fur without evidence of fleas, strong legs without signs of limping, no noticeable ribs and a clean and dry bottom.

Healthy dogs are active, curious, and interested in the sphere around them, hence should display interest in you and wish to grant you a sniff. Also, they should be comfy being handled, and the breeder ought to urge you to handle the pups to help you select one that suits you.

Ensure the mother is healthy and happy and is interacting with the pups. Both moms and puppies should be active, vigilant, and interacting with each other. The mother should appear comfortable with the visitors.

Check the paperwork. Remember you are not assured a perfect pup. You will need to look at:

The well-being report from a vet, including proof of vaccinations and worming and flea treatments

The microchipping documentation – this is an authorized requirement for breeders

The insurance details – several breeders will make sure that puppies have a few weeks of insurance

The health certificates and history of the two parents

The puppy contract in case you are using one.

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